35th Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival (April 7 – 23)

Looking for a fun way to practice your French listening skills? Check out the International Film Festival right here in the Twin Cities! Here are some of our personal favorites and their trailers (en français of course!):

Francophonia: A history of the Louvre during the Nazi occupation, perfect for history and art lovers. http://goo.gl/A9TXGI

My Internship in Canada: independent Member of Parliament Steve Guibord has his intern decide whether Canada goes to war in the Middle East.   https://vimeo.com/118915568

Sabali: After a woman receives a heart transplant, the donor’s teenage son tracks her down thinking that she is the reincarnation of his mother. http://goo.gl/aiEExl

Summertime: Adventurous Delphine moves to Paris and falls in love with Caroline, but her father’s stroke forces her to move back to their family farm in the countryside.  http://goo.gl/2Kiqzx

They Will Have to Kill Us First: Feature-length documentary following a group of musicians’ fight against a jihadist takeover in Mali. https://vimeo.com/153930504

Pour les Enfants:

Adama: Animated film of a young African boy traveling across Europe in search of his brother during World War I.  For ages 10+http://goo.gl/SEFoYa

Birds of Passage:  A story of a little girl named cathy who received and unusual gift on her 10th birthday from her dad: a fertilized egg. When the egg hatches, the duckling bonds with the first person it sees—cathy’s good friend margaux. Realizing they can’t alter the power of attachment instinct, cathy accepts that the duckling should live with her friend. For ages 8+. Watch the trailer HERE!

Tigers Tied Up in One Rope: A clever tale about a lazy young boy whose mother can’t stand to see him sleeping all day. Based on the Korean folk-tale picture book by Moon-Hee Kwoon. For ages 3+ Click HERE for more details.




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