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Façade today and with proposed changes

Working with Ryan Companies and MSR Design, several issues have been identified to be addressed via a renovation, including:

  • Accessibility
  • Security
  • Maintenance of our historical building
  • Dated systems
  • Inefficient design for AFMSP use

There are three key components to the renovation of our space:

Rez de chausee

Proposed rez-de-chausée with reception in Grande Salle, elevator and event space

1. The addition of an elevator will offer access and ease of mobility throughout the building. In the current configuration, the reception area, staff offices, restrooms, and the majority of classrooms are not accessible to those with limited mobility.

2. As our space is currently at maximum capacity, thereby limiting our offerings, increasing the number of classrooms is a top priority. We hope to grow from 10 classrooms to 15 after rebuilding the annex of our space, including a dedicated children’s wing adapted to our youngest learners.

3. The reception will be relocated from its current location upstairs, out of sight of the front door, to the front entry on the ground level.

1er etage

Fully-accessible Upstairs:  classrooms, offices  and restrooms

This will offer greater security in addition to the ability to serve all of our members, regardless of any physical limitations.


Overall building systems are outdated and will be upgraded or replaced as needed, and design changes will create more flexible and defined space to segment areas for children and adult programming, as well as increased space for events, a language lab, library collection, and more.

Improvements and repairs to the exterior of the building are long-overdue and will be incorporated into the plan.


Lower level: language lab and 3 children’s classrooms with restrooms and elevator access







Nouvel annexe

Annex: today and tomorrow


To preview the proposed building, please click below.


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