Conversing with Camille Laurens

On September 18, the Alliance Française Mpls/St. Paul kicked off its Autumn of Authors with celebrated French feminist author Camille Laurens. She spoke about her new book, Who You Think I Am, which discusses the difficulties that older women face while dating online and offline. Read the synopsis of her acclaimed novel at the end of this article!

During her discussion, the witty author joked about what life was like as an older woman trying to get a date. Between being called a cougar and maintaining a feminist perspective, Laurens described how many women feel the pressures of aging without a solution.

Following her discussion, Laurens engaged the audience in a question-and-answer session. As to whether or not her book was based on her life, she enigmatically replied: “I cannot share that. Maybe yes, maybe no.” A participant asked if Laurens thought that it was best for women older than fifty to give up on dating, buy a cat and take up knitting. She expressed her disappointment with those who give up while respecting their right to make their own decisions. Laurens believes in persistence!

October 27 marks the second Autumn of Authors event! Renowned French writer Christophe Boltanski will join us for a luncheon and discussion about his award-winning book La Cache! The event will be hosted in partnership with the Woman’s Club of Minneapolis in their beautiful dining hall.

Find more event details here:

Who you think I am “is the story of Claire Millecam, a forty-eight-year-old teacher and divorcée who creates a fake social media profile to keep tabs on Joe, her occasional, elusive, and inconstant lover. Under the false identity of Claire Antunes, a young and beautiful twenty-four-year-old, she starts a correspondence with Chris—pseudonym KissChris—which soon turns into an Internet love affair.”

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