French Fare: Art Opening with Dan Raphael

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08/24/2017 | 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

Alliance Française Mpls/St Paul

Alliance Française presents: French Fare ~  A collection of travel inspired  work by Dan Raphael.

Join us for the Gallery Opening and discover the beautiful collection . The Exhibition will be on display in the Grande Salle from Thursday, Aug 24 to Saturday, Sept 9

Artist Statement: An Oil painter based in Minneapolis, and greatly inspired by my travels to creative places, I am thrilled to share a collection of my favorite French inspired oil paintings with the community at Alliance Française.

My first visit to France was in 2002, and  the culture continues to  play a significant role in the evolution of my work.  I have had the thrill of visiting Paris multiple times, as well as  recurring experiences through the French countryside,  including one of my favorite historic moments as an artist, Monet’s home in Giverny.

Since the beginning of my artistic journey, on a small hobby farm in Minnesota, my art’s journey has blessed me with many beautiful experiences and dots on the map.  This collection holds a kindred space amongst them.


Please RSVP in advance HERE or call our office at 612 332 0436.

Refreshments will be served!

Dan Raphael ~ About the artist:
My painting provides a sort of relief valve. As I work to achieve mindfulness, I found painting a very natural avenue for seeking it out. The world is so rife with demands upon our attention that try to define our happiness. I prefer to define these things myself. I keep a journal, but additionally I see my paintings as their own sort of “journal entries”. I depend on it. Progeny.

The art of taking things three dimensional and expressing them in two, has always fascinated me. I began as a child with margin sized figures done with pencil. I found that the emotive expression in the

work was of more importance to me than detailed illustration. As I explored different mediums, I loved the movement of oil paint. My subjects are derived from design, fashion history, and nature around me. From that, my artistic license varies with each subject. I don’t start out having a need to portray a  specific feeling, but as the work moves along I try to embrace a sense of freedom. I let it complete itself.
My present style has a rapport from my use of watercolour earlier in my career. In the transition, I found it comforting to continue this stylistically with the oil. If I put my adventure to words, I would describe it as play between formality and play. Use of whimsey – vying for perceived detail.

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