Book reading and signing with author Anne Gillespie Lewis

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11/19/2017 | 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Alliance Française Mpls/St Paul

Join Alliance Français in hosting local author Anne Gillespie Lewis for a book reading and signing of her latest work, Marie-Andrée at Ten/Marie-Andrée à Dix Ans.

The author will read select passages, speak about her work, and answer questions from the audience in English. AFMSP Instructor Damien Sadrant will read the passages in French.

You can purchase copies of her book Marie-Andrée at Ten/Marie-Andrée à Dix Ans at the new AFMSP Corner Bookstore.

Free entrance! Please RSVP HERE or call us at 612 332 0436

About the book: Marie-Andrée at Ten/Marie-Andrée à Dix Ans is a nostalgic look back at life on an island off the west coast of France half a century ago, told through the eyes of ten-year-old Marie-Andrée Taraud Sadrant. Marie-Andrée, the middle sister of the seven Taraud daughters, writes 26 letters in the course of one year (1965-66) to her pen pal, Anne, who lives in Minnesota.

The letters, usually light-hearted, tell of daily life with her family, her friends and her schoolmates. Her father, a fisherman as are most of the men on the island, journeys for long distances and several weeks to catch tuna. There are dangers in the sea and the Taraud family keeps up with his boat by one-way radio. The little girls bathe in a tub of warm water in the kitchen, the toilet is in an attached shed and every night there is a big pot of vegetable soup for supper. The simple pleasures she writes about include a seaside picnic, playing with her dolls and her little sisters, the excitement of a masked ball and a big sister’s wedding and the arrival of her baby sister by helicopter!

Throughout the letters, she is fun-loving and optimistic with a love for her family and her island. One thorn in her side is her sister Annie, two years younger and taller than she is. Annie is stubborn but also a good companion. She wants to live on her island forever and have many babies but her mom says she needs a husband first! Many of the letters include descriptions of the island’s features and a Lenten carnival in Nantes, her first journey ”abroad” to the mainland, is also described.


About the author: 








Anne Gillespie Lewis was born in 1944 on the banks of the Mississippi River in St. Mary’s Hospital in Minneapolis, Minnesota, of a mixed marriage (her mom was Scandinavian and Lutheran and her dad was an Irish Catholic) She began to write when she joined the staff of the University of Minnesota’s daily newspaper, coincidentally called the Minnesota Daily. After gaining a degree in journalism, she worked as a sports writer for the Minneapolis Star, before it was gobbled up by the Minneapolis Tribune and has for many years worked as a freelancer for newspapers, magazines and whoever else would pay her! To prepare for graduate school in Scandinavian Studies at the University of Minnesota she spent a month working on an eight-cow daily farm waaaay up in northern Norway, beyond the Arctic Circle. There she met her husband, who was not Norwegian but an Englishman far from home. They fell in love, were married in January of 1972 when it was 15 below zero in Minneapolis and have lived (mostly) happily ever after. Anne has now written eight books and is eyeing two or three more. A Perfect Tree for Christmas is her first work of fiction. Although aimed at children, her publisher keeps warning her: Don’t say it’s just for children, because adults will love it too! This little book was a finalist in the 2014 Midwest Independent Publishers Association’s book awards.





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