Book reading and signing with Dr. Nadia Judith Bijaoui

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12/13/2017 | 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

Alliance Française Mpls/St Paul

Join Alliance Français in hosting Dr. Nadia Judith Bijaoui for a book reading and signing of her latest work, The Other Side of The Curtain – Recovering from Deep Coma

The author will read select passages, speak about her work, and answer questions from the audience in English and French.

You can purchase copies of her book at your local bookstore and at Itasca Books

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Free entrance! Please RSVP HERE or call us at 612 332 0436


The author loved living in the South of France and studying French literature and poetry, until the political events of May 1968. One year later, at 18, she was pronounced dead after a motorcycle accident. Yet, she entered a three-month coma. Once she woke up, her unexpected survival surprised everyone, except her mother who didn’t leave her side during the three months she was comatose.

Once transferred into a regular hospital room, Nadia experienced horrible and confused feelings. Eventually, she realized what she went through and defied herself that she would walk and dance again, or rather die. Her mother and she became engaged in a speedy recovery.

Trying to forget her accident and the consequences it had on her existence, she moved to the United States where she resumed her life as if nothing ever happened. But there are things in life, one cannot forget. Strange emotions she did not understand would surge. Eventually, she admitted what she wanted once to disregard; and that her recovery was not as total as she pretended. Trying to remember a past washed off by amnesia was not without challenges. Furthermore, she longed to understanding the reasons of her survival. Being called “a miracle” without explanations was not what she was searching. Years after her death-experience and amnesia, her calling to recollect her dismissed past guided her academic and professional paths.

Narrating her story, Nadia Judith wrote the two first parts of the book. Dr. Bijaoui, who wrote the third part, holds several degrees in fields that help her understand and transmit the seven elements that demystified her total recovery. (Nadia Judith and Dr. Bijaoui are the same person at different times of her life.)

While decoding the steps of her own recovery, she created Bio Health Education, giving the theories and programs that made so much sense to her, a concrete framework for others to easily follow in order to prevent and/or to heal.

The messages of her book are hope, tenacity, and prevention, at any stage.


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