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Listen to a live lutenist and soprano perform airs de court hailing back to the days of Louis XIII

10/27/2018 | 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Alliance Française Mpls/St Paul

We invite you to join us for an evening in our Grand Salle as a Concert Baroque fills our hall and hearts.

Saturday, Oct 27 from 7 to 9 pm


In 17th century France, the lute was the instrument of kings, and the king of instruments. Louis XIII’s mother, Marie de Medici, learned to play the lute as a child growing up in Florence. Later, as queen of France, she studied under master lutenist and composer Enemond Gaultier (1575-1651). Marie kept lutenists among her inner circle. Lute lullabies rocked her son Louis XIII to sleep as a baby. Louis quickly grew to love and play the lute, eventually employing the finest lutenists in his own court.


This program of enchanting airs de court and lute solos is every bit as mesmerizing now, as it was in Louis XIII’s court. We invite you to enjoy their warm, sophisticated elegance at this autumn concert!


About the artists…



Soprano Sarah Jackson, a Twin Cities native and lifelong Europhile, first fell in love with the music of Bach as a child. Since then, her devotion to Baroque and Renaissance music continues growing. Her deep love of French language, arts and culture began as a child. Then, her mother shared stories of sitting next to the French Ambassador at U.S. State dinners, during a summer job guiding tours for visiting diplomats in Washington.

After subsequently discovering the music of Debussy, Fauré, and Rameau, and the poetry of Verlaine, Sarah spent years obsessing over French Baroque music before her first opportunity to perform Airs de court with Thomas Walker appeared. Performing and expanding this repertoire with Tom has been a top priority ever since.

Sarah is a graduate of St. Catherine University, holding a degree in Voice Performance. Following the completion of her degree, she studied with master teacher Elizabeth Mannion in St. Paul, who encouraged her to sing more French music. Now pursuing that end, she hopes to one day sing a major role in a Rameau opera, whose music reminds her just a bit of Bach’s, if Bach were on extended sabbatical from the church and had a large supply of cognac at his disposal.



Thomas Walker, Jr. started classical guitar lessons at age 10. Not long after, he became interested in the 12-string guitar stylings of Leo Kottke and spent much of the next decade playing and composing in that style. Realizing that Leo was and is sui generis, he returned to classical music in college, studying both classical guitar and music theory.

Theory classes provided his first introduction to the music vocabulary of counterpoint. After college, he studied jazz guitar independently, but was increasingly captivated by early music, particularly polyphony. He bought his first lute in 1992 and began studies with Phillip Rukavina shortly after. Since then, Thomas has performed with Phillip, Ensemble Polaris, Consortium Carissimi, the Rose Ensemble, Sprezzatura, and the Venere Lute Quartet, as well as with lutenists Paul Berget and Edward Martin.


Thomas served a term as treasurer for Lyra Baroque from 2003-2006. He currently serves as treasurer for the Lute Society of America.


RSVP in advance here or by calling 612 332 0436
Cost for Alliance Française members is $15, $25 for general public


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