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01/19/2018 | 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Alliance Française Mpls/St Paul

Un film de Nicolas Silhol
Année : 2017
Durée : 1h35min
Genre : Drame
The movie will be in French with English subtitles.
RSVP in advance HERE or call our office at 612 332 0436.
Free entrance, donations are greatly appreciated.  Popcorn will be provided.

Emilie Tesson-Hansen est une jeune et brillante responsable des Ressources Humaines. Suite à un drame dans son entreprise, une enquête est ouverte. Elle se retrouve en première ligne. Elle doit faire face à la pression de l’inspectrice du travail, mais aussi à sa hiérarchie qui menace de se retourner contre elle. Emilie est bien décidée à sauver sa peau. Jusqu’où restera-t-elle corporate ?

Emilie, one of the Human Resources Managers at the Esen multinational, has recently been chosen by her superior Stéphane Froncart for her elegant ruthlessness. She indeed has the ability to find the words which persuade employees or executives judged redundant to resign, even if it takes a long time before they give in. She performs her task without moral compunction until the day when one of the employees targeted, Didier Dalmat, kills himself by jumping out of the window of his office. Not only is she deeply upset by this tragedy but she soon realizes that the firm’s top brass want to have her take all the blame.



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