Fête de la St-Jean Baptiste : Concert with Sortilège trad

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06/24/2017 | 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Alliance Française Mpls/St Paul

Join us in the Grande Salle with local group Sortilège Trad to celebrate la Saint Jean with some traditional music from Québec prior to the MN United Game vs Vancouver FC. Invite your friends and family.

This Program is presented in partnership with the Consulate General of Canada in Minneapolis

Admission is $10

($5 tickets for kids under 14 available for purchase at the door)

Please RSVP HERE or call our office at 612 332 0436

French Canadian tourtière (Canadian Meat Pie) and other refreshments will be served!

Sortilège trad is dedicated to playing and promoting French Canadian traditional music. This lively and spirited musical tradition was carried from Québec and Eastern Canada by hard-working voyageurs and log drivers westward along their routes. Reels, gigues, cotillions, and quadrilles were played for dancers in village halls, at kitchen parties, and around campfires, on fiddles, accordions, and other instruments accompanied by a characteristic foot percussion. Sortilège trad, powered by multiple fiddles and flutes, accordion, guitar, and feet, is devoted to sharing the joyful music of Québec in Minnesota, whose early history was shaped by French Canadian settlers.

Sortilège trad musicians

Chris Bashor (guitar)

Debra Goodlaxson (fiddle)

David Rhees (fiddle, feet)

Suzanne Rhees (flute, accordion)

Amy Shaw (flute)

Véronique St-Louis (fiddle, feet)

Special guest: Linda Breitag (fiddle, feet)

Sortilège trad est un groupe consacré à promouvoir la musique traditionnelle du  Canada Français. Cette musique dynamique et entraînante fut transmise vers l’Ouest par les voyageurs et coureurs des bois venus du Québec et de l’Est du Canada. Des reels, gigues, cotillons, et quadrilles étaient joués pour les danseurs dans les cuisines, les salles communautaires des villages, et autour des feux de camp sur violons, accordéons, et autres instruments, toujours accompagnés d’une percussion caractéristique avec les pieds. Sortilège trad partage la musique réjouissante du Québec au Minnesota, un État dont l’histoire fut marquée par les premiers arrivants Canadiens Français.

A propos:

Quebec’s national day celebrates the summer solstice and honors John the Baptist, the patron saint of French Canada. While the holiday has existed in Quebec since French colonists settled in Canada, it was not until 1977 that the day was officially recognized as a national holiday. Today, all Québécois celebrate la fête de la Saint-Jean. The festivities begin the night before, with bonfires, dancing, and the singing of traditional folk songs. In spirit of tradition, Alliance Française hopes to bring a piece of that culture to the Twin Cities.

This Program is presented in partnership with the Consulate General of Canada in Minneapolis








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