Les Navigateurs de la Littérature : Kiffe kiffe demain, Faiza Guene

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12/12/2018 | 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Alliance Française Mpls/St Paul

Le club est ouvert à tous !

Practice your reading skills and comprehension with our intermediate French book club: Les Navigateurs de la Littérature. Every month, we discuss our book of choice’s plot. We also review what we did and did not like about it. We welcome navigateurs to ask questions about the things they did not understand when they first read the story. Everyone selects their favorite excerpt, reads it aloud and then we discuss the special passage. The discussion will be in French!

Returning readers and newcomers are all invited to attend and discuss. The group discusses a different book at each meeting.

This month’s selection is: Kiffe kiffe demain by Faïza Guène


Fifteen-year-old Doria isn’t in a good place. Or to be precise: she’s in the sadly misnamed Paradise Estate on the outskirts of Paris. Her father has returned to Morocco to find a wife who can give him a boy, and her illiterate, non-francophone mother is forced to fend for herself with a cleaning job in a grim motel. What’s more, her favorite soap star has turned out to be gay and it looks like the only school that is going to accept Doria is the one for future hairdressers. Still, it could be worse: Doria could be like Samra, the girl in the flat above, whose father doesn’t let her out. Or like Youssef, who has been banged up for a year for dealing in drugs and stolen cars. At least Hamoudi – twenty-eight and the coolest guy on the estate – is her friend. And at least she gets a free weekly session with psychologist Mrs. Burland, who is about the only person who listens, even if she doesn’t quite understand…

This group usually meets the second Wednesday of every month from 6 – 8 pm. Look for our flyer at the Alliance with upcoming dates and books.
This event is free and open to the public! You do not need to be an AF member to participate in our book clubs.


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