La Science-fiction et l’anthropologie avec Alexis Demey

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10/29/2018 | 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Alliance Française Mpls/St Paul

Science-Fiction Meets Anthropology with Author Alexis Demey

Join us for a discussion with science-fiction writer Alexis Demey, exploring her first published novel: La veilleuse d’âmes.

Born in Lyon, Demey has always been fascinated by the sciences, but felt hopeless in her French courses growing up. Teachers discouraged her studies throughout her life, dismissing her ability to receive a diploma because of her struggles with dyslexia.

Out of self-described stubbornness, or perseverance, Demey is now pursuing a PhD in anthropology at the University of Minnesota. Ironically, she is now both a teacher and author. Come listen to her speak about the academic and life experiences that inspired her first book.

La veilleuse d’âmes   

Through the eyes of a young anthropologist named Maya, the worlds of the paranormal and science fiction unite in this novel. She finds herself able to communicate with the spirits of the dead, but not yet passed on. While assisting one of these souls, she is transported light years away from earth where her work as an anthropologist is put to the test.

In La veilleuse d’âmes, various disciplines from the field of anthropology make appearances, including natural selection, culture, language and archaeology. Using these domains and a bit of physics, Demey brings to life her constructed universe.

Demey will lead us through the connections to anthropology in her work including:

  • Biological anthropology: Making the souls of an alien species,
  • Language: Discovering the proto-indo-european,
  • Cultural anthropology: An introduction to the vocabulary and methods,
  • Archeology: Looking at past cultures.

In the author’s words…

“The story of La veilleuse d’âmes was always in my imagination but for the longest time I didn’t have the courage to write it. And then one day, finally, I simply began to write and have not stopped since. In this book, I attempt to reconcile two seemingly contradictory universes: science fiction and the paranormal with anthropological theory. I utilize the principles of natural selection, culture, language, and my own scientific knowledge to create a lighthearted perspective on what has traditionally been regarded with suspicion. Perhaps La veilleuse d’âmes will convince you that a universe you’ve never imagined may actually exist.”

Demey asks, will you be a defender of the fleet in La veilleuse d’âmes? Join us on Monday, Oct 29 to discover the world bridging science-fiction and anthropology.


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Please note: this presentation will be in French.


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