Vernissage du Printemps: Spring Art Reception

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04/12/2019 | 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Alliance Française at the Joly Family Center for International Understanding

Vive le printemps !

Celebrate spring with three local Francophone artists!

Alliance Française Mpls/St Paul is delighted to invite you to a Spring Art Reception, on Friday, April 12 at 7 pm. This reception is a unique opportunity to enjoy the art of three local Francophone artists: Alya Pender, Linda Hibbs and Valérie Lépée.

About the artists

Alya Pender
Originally from Paris, France, where she studied materials science, she has always loved art, painting and photography. Almost twenty years ago she signed up for her first oil painting class. She has since enjoyed exploring the works of artists such as J.S. Sargent, J. Sorolla  and C. Monet by mimicking whole or parts of the works she admires.
More recently, she has been exploring different styles to foster her own creativity. Essentially she paints what moves her.


Runhong Linda Hibbs
Linda was born in Hong Kong. While living in Geneva, Switzerland for 22 years, she was exposed to and developed a deep appreciation for a diversity of artistic styles and disciplines.
Self-taught, Linda works with oil on canvas. Her paintings are typically composed of multiple layers of oils using various techniques to create complexity and visual depth.
Linda’s inspiration is fueled by her life experiences in Asia, Europe and the USA. Her rich mixed cultures deeply influence her work.
Linda’s art has been exhibited several times in Geneva. Based in Minnesota since 2017, her art was exhibited at the Minnesota Artists Association Exhibition and Minnetonka Art Center Jury Show.


Valérie Lépée
Originally born in France, Valérie later had the opportunity to live in several countries. She discovered a passion for painting in Singapore.
Valérie paints instinctively, following her intuition, and paints directly onto the canvas without any preliminary sketching. She then likes to use steam on her canvas to suddenly make a painting appear!
Valérie’s painting has always came from her heart and reflects her emotions at the time of creation.

Alongside 25 other artists, Valérie participated in a large art exhibition in Bruxelles in 2013 where she sold four of her oeuvres d’art.





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