A Celebration of Vietnam: Timeless Charm Party

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03/03/2018 | 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm

The Church of St Anne-St Joseph Hien

Each March, more than 33 million people around the world celebrate Le Mois de la Francophonie, a global initiative led by the Organisation internationale de la Francophonie to highlight the diversity of French-speaking cultures.

This year, for the month of Francophonie, Alliance Française invites you to a Celebration of Vietnam!

Saturday, March 3 at 4 pm: Join Alliance Française Mpls/St Paul for the exciting month of March, as we kick off le Mois de la Francophonie with our opening ceremony inside the gym at the Church of St Anne-St Joseph Hien.

The program will feature:

  • Words from Alliance Française’s Executive Director Christina Selander Bouzouina and representatives of the Vietnamese Association of Minnesota.
  • Historical and Cultural Presentation of Vietnam
  • Traditional Vietnamese dance session
  • Refreshments (Vietnamese cuisine)

Admission: $10 for AF members, $15 for the general public, and $5 for kids under 13 (available by call)

Please RSVP HERE or call our office at 612 332 0436.

About Vietnam: 

Franco-Vietnamese relations started as early as the 17th century, with the arrival of Catholic missionaries in Vietnam. But it didn’t end there. France would eventually colonize Vietnam and Cambodia, forming the Indochinese Union in 1887, which would solidify French influence in Vietnam for the next 70 years.

Through 1954, when the French evacuated Vietnam following the Geneva Accord of the same year, there was a French presence in Vietnam, a presence that included cultural ramifications that are evident even today in the country. These cultural ramifications are particularly obvious when observing the architecture of cities like Ho Chi Minh City, then known as Saigon, where buildings like the Saigon Opera House belie the French colonial influence of the period.

But nothing is more evocative of the persistent influence of French culture in Vietnam than in the effects on the cuisine of the country.

Through a month-long series of events, Alliance Française Mpls/St Paul will be highlighting Vietnam’s rich historical, and cultural diversity. Stay tuned for more events.

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