Ciné Club: Where Do We Go Now?

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03/25/2016 | 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

St. Anthony Main Theatre

The Alliance Française and The Film Society of Minneapolis-St. Paul are pleased to host the screening of Where Do We Go Now? by Lebanese filmmaker Nadine Labaki (director of Caramel). A discussion will follow the film.

In French with English subtitles. Tickets are $5 for AF and MSP Film Society members and $8.50 for General Public. To purchase tickets, click here!

A propos:

On the path that leads to the village cemetery, a procession of women in black brave the sun’s heat, clutching to their breasts photos of their husbands, fathers, or sons. Some wear veils, others a cross, but all share the same grief, the outcome of a dire and pointless war. When the procession reaches the cemetery entrance, it separates into two groups, one Muslim, the other Christian.

With a country torn asunder by war as a backdrop, Et maintenant, on va où ? recounts the unwavering determination of a group of women, from every religious background, to protect their family and villages from exterior threats. Demonstrating great ingenuity, inventing curious strategies, united by unshakeable friendship, the women have but one aim: to capture men’s attention and make them forget their anger and differences.

But when events take a tragic turn, just how far are the women willing to go to avoid losing the loved ones who still remain?

A propos du Mois de la Francophonie:

Le Mois de la Francophonie, organisé chaque année partout dans le monde, a pour but de promouvoir la langue française dans le contexte de la diversité culturelle ainsi que de soutenir le dialogue et rapprochement des personnes, groupes et communautés intéressés par la francophonie.

Lebanon’s French roots date back to the mandate which assigned Ottoman Syria, including modern day Lebanon, to France after the First World War in 1923. French remains the primary foreign language taught in public schools in Lebanon, and much of the French influence remains today. France played an active role in the reconstruction of Lebanon following their civil war in 1990, and also their 2006 war with Israel.  Through a month-long series of events, Alliance Française Mpls/St Paul will be highlighting Lebanon’s rich historical, cultural, and religious diversity, both in Lebanon and in the diaspora.

We hope you’ll join us. Venez nombreux! To learn more about the series, go to

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