Wolof class & Ataya (Senegalese tea)

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03/18/2017 | 4:00 pm - 5:30 pm

Alliance Française Mpls/St Paul

Mois de la Francophonie March 2017, a celebration of Senegal.

Join Alliance Française and learn some Wolof terms, the national language of Senegal while enjoying a delicious round of Ataya (tea), à la Sénégalaise !

$10 AF members and $15 for public

Please RVSP HERE or call our office at 612 332 0436

Wolof originated as the language of the Lebu people. Wolof is spoken by more than 90% of the Senegalese  population, either as a first or second language. The Wolof language serves as an important link between people who do not have the same mother tongue. Wolof’s status as Senegal’s lingua franca stems from its function as a widely used communication tool.

Wolof dialects vary geographically and between rural and urban areas. “Dakar-Wolof”, for instance, is an urban mixture of Wolof, French, and Arabic.

The English language is believed to have adopted some Wolof words, such as banana, via Spanish or Portuguese, and yum/yummy, from Wolof nyam “to taste”; nyam in Barbadian English meaning “to eat” (also compare Seychellois Creole nyanmnyanm, also meaning “to eat”).

Ataya/Senegalese tea culture is an important part of daily social life. Senegal tea-drinking revolves around mint tea especially, similar to other countries in the West Africa region, such as Guinea, Gambia and Mauritania. In and around Senegal, tea is prepared and presented in an elaborate process known by the Wolof word, ataya or ataaya. People sometimes drink tea at breakfast but more particularly after meals, and it is the beverage that is offered to friends and visitors. Drinking tea promotes conversation and maintains friendship because it takes a long time to prepare properly.

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