A week-long festival highlighting the brightest talent in French independent cinema presented by the Film Society of Minneapolis St. Paul at the St. Anthony Main Theatre. Lumières Françaises introduces an exciting new generation of rising French-language talent on both sides of the camera, from rebellious comedies to exquisite dramas and vivid documentaries.

All films presented with English subtitles


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St. Anthony Main Theatre


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Thursday, July 20, 7:00pm | Tuesday, July 25, 4:20pm
Director: Olivier Babinet | Documentary | 2016 | Country: France | Language: French
Director Olivier Babinet attending Thursday, July 20. Delving into life in the projects of the tough Paris suburb of Aulnay-sous-Bois, Swagger is a brilliant documentary that examines life through the eyes of eleven middle school students, most of whom are first generation French citizens… read more.

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 A Woman’s Life (Une vie)
Friday, July 21, 1:00pm | Saturday, July 22, 7:00pm | Monday, July 24, 4:20pm | Tuesday, July 25, 1:20pm, 9:40pm | Wednesday, July 26, 1:20pm, 9:40pm | Thursday, July 27, 4:45pm
Director: Stéphane Brizé | Narrative | 2017 | Country: France | Language: French
Adapted from the novel Une vie by Guy de Maupassant, A Woman’s Life is a tale of a woman trapped in the restrictive social and moral codes of marriage and family in 19th century Normandy. French filmmaker Stéphane Brizé shoots this follow-up to his Cannes and César Award winner The Measure of a Man in 4:3 Academy ratio, creating a tightly composed work that perfectly translates de Maupassant’s portrayal of life’s vicissitudes… read more.

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Slack Bay (Ma Loute)
Friday, July 21, 4:20pm | Saturday, July 22, 9:40pm | Sunday, July 23, 9:40pm | Monday, July 24, 1:20pm, 9:40pm | Wednesday, July 26, 7:00pm | Thursday, July 27, 9:40pm
Director: Bruno Dumont | Narrative | 2016 | Country: France | Language: French
The bourgeois and eccentric Van Peteghem family-among them Aude (Juliette Binoche), André (Fabrice Luchini), and Isabelle (Valeria Bruni Tedeschi)-have settled in for another summer at their villa overlooking the picturesque Slack Bay. Their leisurely days are soon interrupted by the arrival of a pair of bumbling inspectors investigating a string of disappearances… read more.

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Struggle for Life (La loi de la jungle)
Friday, July 21, 7:00pm | Wednesday, July 26, 4:20pm
Director: Antonin Peretjatko | Narrative | 2016 | Country: France | Language: French
When a thirty-something deadbeat snags an internship with a French government ministry, he is surprised to learn that his assignment is to launch a ski resort in tropical French Guyana. Naturally, everything that could go wrong goes very wrong, and an encounter with local guerrillas propels Marc deep into the jungle where he proceeds to get lost… read more.

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 Nocturama (Paris est une fête)
Friday, July 21, 9:30pm | Sunday, July 23, 1:00pm
Director: Bertrand Bonello | Narrative | 2016 | Country: France | Language: French
Through the provocative story of young multiracial radicals who stage a series of terrorist attacks in Paris, Bonello looks at the intertwining of art, consumerism, and protest, focusing less on the politics and motivations of the attackers, and more at the mechanics and style of their rebellion. Will they survive the night and elude the encroaching authorities? Or, as the walls close in, with they even survive each other? …read more.

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Tomorrow (Demain)
Saturday, July 22, 5:00pm | Thursday, July 27, 7:10pm
Director: Mélanie Laurent, Cyril Dion | Narrative | 2015 | Country: France | Language: French
Wondering what kind of world her young son will grow up in, Mélanie Laurent (Inglorious Basterds) travels to ten countries to document the environmental challenges of the world, and the ways communities are tackling them… read more.

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The Girl Without Hands (La jeune fille sans mains)
Sunday, July 23, 3:45pm | Tuesday, July 25, 7:00pm
Director: Sébastian Laudenbach | Narrative | 2016 | Country: France | Language: French
When a hard-luck miller sells his daughter to the devil, her purity is the only thing that protects her. Enraged, the devil takes the maiden’s hands. Based on a story from the Brothers Grimm, this hand-painted animated film is destined to become a classic… read more.mspfilm, mspiff

  My Journey Through French Cinema (Voyage à travers le cinéma)
Sunday, July 23, 5:30pm | Thursday, July 27, 1:00pm
Director: Bertrand Tavernier | Documentary | 2016 | Country: France | Language: French
Writer-director Bertrand Tavernier, one of the greatest French auteurs, takes viewers on an epic, three hour-plus journey through French Cinema, from the giants like Renoir, Godard, and Melville (for whom he worked as an assistant) to now overlooked and forgotten figures like Edmund T. Gréville and Guy Gilles… read more.

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