Ndajé Térranga Party

On Saturday, March 4, Alliance Française hosted their opening event, Ndajé Térranga Party, to kick off our Mois de la Francophonie celebration. This year, we are celebrating the Francophone culture of Senegal!

The event went wonderfully, full of Senegalese pop culture, history, and food.

The event began with a small speech from Khadi Aidara, the president of the Senegalese Association of Minnesota (SAM). We were so grateful to hear her words of Senegalese culture, and to also have her officially kick-off our month of events.

Khoudia Dia then presented everything Senegalese, complete with descriptions of the history and geography of Senegal, as well as contemporary music that is popular within Senegal today. She also gave an overview of the present culture and state of Senegal. But mostly, Khoudia highlighted the hospitality present within Senegalese culture, called Térranga. 

Following this, was the highlight of the night: the fashion show! Senegalese fashions were shown off, while a backdrop of a catchy Senegalese tune played. The bright colors, and patterns, as well as the style and fit of each clothing item helped to encompass Senegalese styles, and the fusion of these from both past and present.

In between the events, guests were invited to feast on traditional Senegalese dishes, and drinks, including Bouye and Bissap juice, Yassa chicken, and Senegalese beignets. This food, Senegalese music, and a hair braiding station helped to bring the event together, and created the perfect tribute to the Francophone aspects of Senegal.

Don’t miss our upcoming events: Art Opening with Bamba Cissé & Carol Bouska (3/9), Senegalese Pottery with Adama Sow (3/11), and Ciné Club at St. Anthony Main Theatre, where the short films Un Transport en Commun, and Revers de l’exil will be showing (3/12)

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