Plaisir d’écrire en français

Marie-Jeanne, AF instructor, knows how to combine fun with learning. Indeed, she asked her homeschool students to read La Parure by Maupassant. This book talks about the story of Mathilde Loisel, a Parisian at home, who dreams of a life of wealth and elegance.

Pour leur faire pratiquer leur compréhension, elle leur a demandé de rédiger un texte répondant à la question “Aimeriez-vous vivre dans le luxe? Pourquoi?”.

We are pleased to share this text with you to show you how well the courses are paying off with AF instructors. For these homeschool students, learning French has become a habit, something as easy as brushing your teeth in the morning.

How to teach French to students?

  1. Stimulate their creativity
  2. Make the class fun
  3. Use repetition

What about you? What are your 3 keys to teaching French to students?

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