A l’honneur : Le Mois de la Francophonie présenté par Sara

Sara Glesne, Events Coordinator

Tu es trilingue. Tu as été enseignante. Tu as travaillé dans le domaine de l’immigration. Tu es maintenant responsable des événements à AFMSP. Est-ce que le domaine de la culture faisait partie de tes rêves ou est-il apparu en cours de route?

I grew up loving reading, writing and drawing so culture and the influence of others really runs through all those activities. Beyond that, language has been the major thread that has woven together my work and goals for most of my life. To me, learning to speak another language gives you access to open doors culturally that would be sealed otherwise. So, I think exploring the idea of culture has always been a natural part of my dreams for myself, as well as my hopes for a more understanding and inclusive world.

Le mois de mars sera sous le signe du Maroc à AFMSP dans le cadre du Mois de la Francophonie. Peux-tu nous parler de cet événement? Son origine? Son importance pour la communauté des Twin Cities? Pourquoi avoir choisi de mettre le Maroc à l’honneur?

Mois de la Francophonie 2018 sous le signe du Vietnam

March 20 is the Journée internationale de la Francophonie, as established by the organisation internationale de la francophonie. For years now AFMSP has taken that day and expanded it to an entire month of events centering a Francophone country beyond France.

Of course, we love France at the Alliance, but we need to remember that French is a language with so many speakers from different backgrounds, places, religions and identities. Through featuring the art, literature, cuisine, languages and much more from another Francophone country we get a chance to both support these artists and small businesses while simultaneously strengthening our connections with people we might not have realized we shared something with: la langue française.

We chose to highlight Morocco this year since many of our community members have lived, visited or studied there. It’s been an honor to get to know my Moroccan coworker Abdel Hamouchi more through planning this series as well as to connect with Moroccan-owned restaurants in the Twin Cities. AFMSP had these connections already, so we wanted to fortify them and create something that authentically celebrates the parts about Morocco that some of our community here misses.

Peux-tu nous donner un avant-goût de ce mois de célébration sur Le Maroc?

We hope there will be something for everyone’s tastes and interests throughout the month of March! From exploring Moroccan traditional desserts with local chef and restaurateur Raja Ziadi to learning basic Moroccan dialect Arabic phrases and general advice on travelling to Morocco from AFMSP instructor Abdel. We are delighted to partner with several non-profit organizations including the Trylon Cinema, who is presenting with us “Les Chevaux de Dieu” a film that takes a critical look at the link between desperate circumstances and religious extremism in Morocco. Other exciting news is a dance party at the Cedar Cultural Center featuring multi-media sound artist HAT. We’re finalizing details for that concert, so if you have suggestions for francophone DJs that would fit the bill please email me!

Quels sont tes défis pour 2019?

I plan to continue developing my creativity, both through proposing unique and memorable events at the Alliance and in my endeavors outside the office. I’d love to turn a recently developed passion for embroidery into an online store and I intend to sign up for my first half marathon this year. As I have the time I also want to keep up with my reading, writing and practice my Spanish more. Plein de belles choses à l’horizon!

Sara presented AF Events during Open House 2018

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